Real Growth Opportunity for Your Investments


Seizing Growth Opportunities in Global Real Estate

The Shenton Group is an established investor in global real estate. We have been harnessing growth opportunities for clients since our incorporation in 2016, and after building up more than £40m of assets under management through successful investments in Germany and Brazil, we plan to grow our European portfolio further with our the launch of The Shenton Loan Note. 

The Shenton Loan Note: Renovating for Returns

Shenton is seeking up to £10m of funds from the issue of The Shenton Loan Note for investment in Germany and France. German investments will focus on the refurbishment of listed buildings in key cities throughout the country, while investments in France will target existing properties that require renovation, close to Monaco.

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Focus on Germany

Germany is the leading economy in the EU, having enjoyed robust fundamentals and steady growth for many decades.

Find out why we invest in Germany.


Focus on France

France is the sixth largest economy in the world and the most visited country in the world. It is a place full of charm and diversity.

Find out why we invest in France.


Focus on Brazil

Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, with a population of more than 200 million people and experienced a return to economic growth.

Find out why we invest in Brazil.

Closed Investments

The Shenton Listed Bond

3-Year 6.5% – Bond Closed
Maturity Date: June 2020

The Shenton Mini Bond 1

2-Year 9% – Bond Repaid
Maturity Date: April 2018

The Shenton Mini Bond 2

4-Year 10% – Bond Closed
Maturity Date: Dec 2020

The Shenton Mini Bond 3

2-Year 10% – Bond Closed
Maturity Date: May 2020


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